Disability in Adolescence

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Living With Severe Learning Disabilities: Jack's Story

Young people living with disabilities want the same thing everyone else wants in a relationship—respect, consent, communication and fun, which is why people regardless of their abilities need to learn about expressing romantic interest in a partner, healthy relationships, dealing with rejection and sexual health. The easiest way to start these conversations is to talk about issues as they come up in everyday life, like while watching TV together. When they mention friends or classmates that have romantic partners, you can then use this time to talk about healthy relationship qualities and behaviors and what they would expect or want in a relationship.

When a news stories about sexual assault comes on, ask your child if they have heard about this topic before and how it made them feel.

Puberty and disabled teens

You can then reinforce with your child that no one should touch them in a way that makes them uncomfortable and they should not touch other people in a way that would make them uncomfortable. Remind your child that they can come to you if they have questions about this or if something happens that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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If this is not something you have done in the past, you can explain why you are asking for their consent and begin the discussion about why it is important to gain consent—especially in sexual situations. Parents and guardians may try to protect disabled young people from injury or harm by keeping information about sexuality from them or shielding them from dating or being in romantic or sexual relationships.

Educating young people with disabilities about healthy sexuality helps them establish safe, healthy and developmentally appropriate relationships; identify sexual assault; and communicate if someone has crossed a boundary with them. My Amaze. Afrikaans English United States. South Africa. Youth Parents Educators.

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Supporting your child through this development

Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden D. This article was published at Annals. Abstract Background: Low physical fitness, obesity, and the combination of the two in adolescence may be related to risk for disability in adulthood, but this has rarely been studied. Objective: To examine individual and combined associations of cardiorespiratory fitness and obesity in male adolescents with later receipt of a disability pension due to all and specific causes.

Design: Population-based cohort study. Setting: Sweden.

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Measurements: Cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index BMI were measured at conscription and were related to information on later receipt of a disability pension obtained from the Social Insurance Agency. Results: Over a median follow-up of Limitation: The cohort did not include women, had data on smoking and alcohol intake only in a subsample, and lacked repeated measures of exposures and covariates.

Conclusion: Low cardiorespiratory fitness, obesity, and the combination of the two were strongly associated with later chronic disability due to a wide range of diseases and causes. Primary Funding Source: Karolinska Institutet.

Poorer mental health

Citations Citation. Published: Ann Intern Med. DOI: Related Articles. View More View Less. Journal Club. In adolescents and young adults, dental-related opioid prescriptions were linked to subsequent opioid use and abuse Annals of Internal Medicine; 10 : JC In Raynaud phenomenon, on-demand sildenafil did not reduce disability or frequency or duration of attacks Annals of Internal Medicine; 4 : JC In healthy older adults, aspirin did not affect disability-free survival or CVD but increased death and bleeding Annals of Internal Medicine; 2 : JC3.

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